Dec 9 2012

Dear Sir,


My sons and I purchased on of your Kelly 45’ Harrows last spring. Whoever dreamed up this implement needs to be awarded some kind of Nobel prize! It is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread.


We have pulled the machine over about 6000 acres without a single breakdown. It has saved an unimaginable amount of time, fuel and labor.


But the implement has presented a couple of unique problems to our farming operation. First the hitches of on all our field cultivators are rusting and sitting in the fencerow after not hooking to them all year. Please send a can of paint so they won’t look so bad. One red and one green will do. Also we always depended on the field cultivators and harrows to pick up trash out of the fields such as pieces of irrigation poly pipe tubing, coke bottles and beer cans. Now we are having to depend on John Deere rotary hoes to do the job. Please send a store of rotary hoe bearings.


Scott Place

Gillett, Arkansas.