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Kelly Diamond Harrow

Kelly Engineering Disc Chain

  • Early and cost effective management of stubble

  • Perfect seedbed preparation for superior planter performance – better germination, higher populations

  • Shallow tillage – faster, cheaper, better for the soil

  • Stimulate germination of weed seeds and volunteers prior to planting

  • Reduce herbicide use and reliance

  • Level wheel ruts and rough fields – easier on equipment, easier on you.

  • Early access to fields. Light footprint means you can be in the field days or even weeks sooner

  • Let the air and sunlight in – fluff and darken the soil surface to kick start your season

  • Incorporate brilliantly and quickly. Shallow incorporation of whatever you spread. Fertilizer, manure, grain, herbicide.

An innovation unique to Kelly Engineering is our Disc Mulching range of ground tools. Designed initially for managing stubble residue, the disc chains are now used for everything from filling wheel ruts to the perfect finishing job.

Stubble Mulching

The mulching chains are used with the primary aim of returning crop residue to the soil. They roll down stubble and chop and split it into smaller lengths allowing weathering and microbial breakdown to accelerate. This process works with nature and encourages decomposition of residue. Increasing soil organic carbon levels has multiple benefits. Soil health, nutrient availability and water efficiency are improved. Measurable changes in soil carbon may be of benefit in any future carbon marketplace.

Fight Herbicide Resistance

The importance of an integrated approach to weed control can’t be overstated. The Kelly Disc Chains open the way for quick, cost effective, shallow tillage to help in the battle against herbicide resistance. Both the control of existing weeds and the germination of weed seeds are tasks the Disc Chains revel in. Australia has the dubious honor of leading the world in herbicide resistance. Learn from our experiences, it is vital to use a range of weed control techniques. Herbicides are too important to food production to risk losing their effectiveness.

The Perfect Seedbed

The chains also perform a valuable role in preparing a seedbed. In fields that have been plowed and left cloddy or rough, the Diamond Harrow leaves a smooth even seedbed. One or two passes is often all that is required between harvest and planting for the perfect seedbed, firm below, a nice crumbly inch or so on top and smooth and level like nothing else can. Many operations now use the Diamond Harrow for all their planting preparation, some even for planting itself. There isn’t a more cost effective way to prepare your seedbed.

Air distribution kits can be fitted and used to great effect. Large areas can be covered in a day very efficiently. Simply hook your existing air cart in front and you have a super efficient planting rig. Maximum use can be made of your planting window, establishing crops at optimum times to enhance yield potential.

Disc Chain

Just as it sounds, this simple concept when put into practice provides a revolutionary option for land management practices.

Heavy ‘chains’ are constructed specifically for our machines. Each link of the chain has a concave disc attached to it. The combination of chain tension, weight and disc shape is used to advantage in designing chains to suit different soil types and applications.

The discs are made from a variety of abrasion resistant metals, they are designed to last and last. 100 000 acres from a set is fairly typical. Less than forty cents per acre, not each year but over the life of the chain!

The concave shape adds strength to the discs and enhances their cutting and digging abilities.

Not content in just inventing the disc chain concept, we continually seek ways to improve its value to customers. We now offer a range of disc chain types to suit specific soil types and conditions.


CL1 Disc Chain LinksCL – Cast Steel Link.

This innovative disc chain is our premium product and unmatched by any impersonator or copycat. The CL links are made from super tough chrome molybdenum steel alloy. The individual links make service and maintenance a breeze. To ensure the integrity of the chain each disc is supplied with a locking tab; once assembled it stays assembled.

The CL discs form a chain that weighs 47 lb / foot, (70 kg/metre) and is the most aggressive of our offerings. Ideal for medium to heavy soils and residues.

W36 Steel Disc ChainW36 – Welded Disc Chain 36mm.

Our standard, tried and tested work horse. The Quench & Tempre plates used on our welded steel chains offer superior wear resistance and reliability. This chain is best suited to medium soil types. It works very well in combination with the more aggressive CL disc chain, providing a lower cost, easier pulling option that handles damper conditions with ease. Simply fit the W36 to the rear of the Diamond Harrow and the CL blades to the front. The W36 chain is 35 lb/foot (50 kg/metre).

R300 Steel Disc ChainR300 – Welded Disc Chain 38mm

New to the range in 2011. The R300 has been designed with light to medium soils in mind. A unique chain has been designed for our application, allowing for closer spaced discs than previously possible on a 1 ½” chain. 5” disc spacing compared to 7” on the other chains, gives this 47 lb/foot (70 kg/m) disc chain an advantage in light soils. The improved depth control is a breakthrough, the superior weed control a bonus. Heavy enough for the bulkiest residue this new offering has been met with instant market approval.


High grade RHS and plate are combined to produce a strong and durable frame. Sections include 6×4 RHS up to ¼” wall thickness. Profile and laser cut plates are used to give strength, functionality and a professional appearance. The rugged and reliable frames have been strengthened and improved to withstand the extra stresses encountered with the Disc Chain. Each year millions of acres of experience help to keep our product ahead of the game.


Increasing demand by our customers has led us to offer a range of wheel options.

On our 62’ and 65’ models we fit the heavy duty BKT 15.5/85×24 16pr lug tyre as standard. Dual wheels are fitted to the centre frame. Transport the Harrow with confidence, plenty of carrying capacity and if you need to pull over you won’t fall in a ditch!

We also offer an alternative transport wheel option. BKT 550/60×22.5 wheels. These heavy duty tires suit custom operators who do a lot of road miles.

The 50’ is standard with BKT 16.5/85×24 wheels all round.

The popular 30, 40 and 45 models come standard with 14L x 16.5 Ag tires. These industry standard tires have proven their worth over and over. Great floatation and suitable for normal road usage. Customers who travel extensively may seek alternative highway rated tires to suit their particular application.

Hydraulic Fold

Folding totally from the tractor seat – user friendly. All models use two pairs of 1/2” ISO standard hydraulic couplings. Larger models incorporate a multi stage sequence valve to manage the folding and unfolding operations. These customized manifolds incorporate safety features for burst protection and operator safety. High quality Ryco hose and fittings are used exclusively.

Table of Specifications

Model 20’/6m 30’/9m 40’/12m 45’/13.5m 50’/15m 62HDX’
Working width 19.5’/6m 28.5’/8.6m 41’/12.3m 43.5’/13.5m 48.5’/14.8m 62’/18.3m


6.5’/2m 11.5’/3.5m 11.5’/3.5m 13.5’/4.1m 17’/5.2m 16.3’/5m
Transport height 11.5’/3.5m 13’/4.0m 12’/3.7m 13’/3.9m 15’/3.5m 14.6’/4.5m
Transport length 30’/9.0m 46’/14.0m 53’/16.0m 55’/16.7m 62’/19.0m 72’/22.0m
Power Requirement 100hp/ 75kw 150hp/ 110kw 200hp/ 150kw 225hp/ 170kw 285hp/ 210kw 375hp/ 280kw

* Power requirement varies dramatically with soil conditions. Values given are an approximate guide. In soils where penetration is likely to be minimal, less power will be required. In cultivated soil or very soft soils more power may be required.

All specifications are subject to change without notice and in no way infer an obligation to make any changes retrospective.