Kelly Smoother

Your needs and imagination are the limit


This innovative tool uses the proven technology from our Kelly Tillage System and focus on the problem of levee banks, roadways, small fields and low horsepower.

The Kelly Smoother smooths, levels plowed down levees and will work in wet or dry conditions. Rutted and corrugated farm roads can be smoothed and levelled using the Kelly Smoother as a rotary road grader.

The 12’ cutting width is ideal for 60 – 80hp tractors and can be used in small fields, gravel lots & equestrian tracks.


The smoother can be configured as a wheel track renovator for smooth pivot tracks & wheel ruts.

Dry rice fields early in spring by smoothing plowed levees in fall.

Renovate farm roads quickly & economically for safe & efficient movement around your farm.


The full range of Kelly Disc Chains and Prickle chains can be fitted


The disc chains are made from a variety of abrasion resistant metals, they are designed to last and last.The concave shape adds strength to the disc chains and enhances their cutting and digging abilities.We now offer prickle chains and a range of disc chain types to suit specific soil types and conditions.


 On the go levelling with hydraulic tongue cylinder

10-16.5 8 ply tires

Hydraulic raise and lowering for transport and fieldwork

Transport lock out valve is included

LED Tail indicator lights



Transport length 28’ / 8.5m

Transport Width 16’ / 4.9m

Working Width 12.5’ / 3.81m

Dry Weight 3600 Ib / 1640kg